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Ego/ Evod Twist Variable Voltage Battery 1000mah

€22,00 €20,00

Product Information


Not getting the kick out of your E-cigarette that you want. The Variable Voltage battery is what you need. Adjust the power of your e-cigarette
with the spinner bottom of this battery which controls the voltage. Use the chart below to see the ideal voltage to set for the wattage of your atomizer/clearomizer.
Ego/Evod twist battery has a regular 510/eGo connector and can fit all of our of 510/eGo atomizers or tanks, or clearomizers .
  • Elego have modified the circuit to enable the adjustment of output voltage from 3.3V to 4.8V as the lithium battery power decrease.
  • With a smart Buck-Boost converter inside, you can spin the knob at the bottom to adjust the output voltage depend on your need.
  • A fully charged Twist variable voltage battery can support you 6 hours, it takes 2-3 hours to be fully charged using fast USB charger for eGo/eGo-T/eGo-C! 
  • Using the battery at a higher voltage output will drain the battery quicker than when using it at a lower voltage.

How to adjust the output voltage?

The battery allows you to adjust voltage output from 3.3v to 4.8v by spinning the knob at the bottom. Each increment is 0.5v .
High output voltage gives more vapor. You can adjust the output voltage so easily and enjoy the whole vapor time.

Product Code: EGOB2CUE97

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